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Wedding Skincare Prep

Hello & welcome to Lockdown 3.0. Here we are again, and that means one thing - time for some skincare and beauty blogging. You may or may not know, I got engaged just before Christmas. Everything in my brain currently is wedding planning. So I thought, maybe a blog would be a good way of getting future brides skin ready for the big day.

As we are currently in lockdown, this is an amazing time to learn more about your skin, what it needs, and how to get it looking its best for your big day. So whether you're having a big bold wedding, a tiny intermate day - or if you're not getting married but just want to improve your skin - grab a cuppa and have a read along with me.

So the first thing we need to do is assess what our skin is like. If you're unsure, take a look at my previous blogs to identify what category your skin falls into. This is a vital stage to improve you skin. We need to know the types of ingredients to start using.

Establish your perfect, yet simple skincare routine

So in lockdown, start to establish a simple skincare routine if you haven't got one already. The most important part of your routine is cleansing your skin, and if you are putting water on your face, you want to make sure you are using a toner to rebalance the pH in your skin after you wash your face. This part is something that people tend to leave out. But especially if you are prone to breakouts or hormonal skin, you need to be applying a toner after you cleanse. This needs to be done twice a day - even if you are staying in all day. We need to make sure we are cleansing the dirt form the day away. In the morning, we need to clean the sweat, dirt and impurities away that our skin has purged through the night.

After this, start to look at the right moisturiser for you. Whether it be a mattifying, oil controlling cream or something intense and moisturising. A pea sized amount is incredibly important if you are using something high in active ingredients. So make sure you're not over using your product, because you are just wasting your money!

So the most simple, yet effective routine - Cleanse, tone & moisturise!

Key Actives for your Skin

To up your skincare game, we want to look at serums or key active ingredients to boost your skin. So one ingredient that I love, and will be introducing into my skincare routine is vitamin C. This vitamin is amazing for brightening your skin and boosting luminosity. It is an amazing antioxidant, great for evening the skin tone and an all round amazing ingredient. My favorite vitamin C product is Germaine De Capuccini Timeexpert C+ essence. These intensive treatments come in a 40 day course. So this is something that I will start to introduce into my routine closer to my big day. I have already used these products on my skin before, however it is important that if products are new to you, don't start them too close to your big day just in case you get a reaction! With Vitamin C avoid using alongside AHA, BHA, retinol and some other ingredients. Research for a full list!

As you may have read previously I LOVE glycolic acid. This ingredient gives an intensive exfoliation, evens the skin tone and is amazing for brightening and blackheads. This is a treatment that I currently use. Its something that I am so passionate about, and have introduced a professional course for my skin. Look into facial treatments that you can start prior to your wedding. Remember with any AHA or BHAs, SPF is so important! Also avoid waxing whilst using this kind of skincare, as it can cause sensitivity.

Stay Hydrated

The key for young and bright skin is hydration. This is something that I am constantly telling my clients. If you skin is dehydrated, no matter what anti ageing ingredients you're applying to your skin, your skin wont take the full benefits if it is lacking water. So first step is make sure you're drinking the right amount of water. We know how important this is for our body as well as our skin. Secondly, make sure that if you skin is feeling or looking dehydrated introduce hyaluronic acid or neroli essential oil depending on your preference.

Another area that you want to focus on is the eye area. Because this skin is the thinnest area of skin on the face it will show signs of dehydration, dryness and aging the fastest. Most of use suffer from dark circles and unfortunately sometimes this can be hereditary. So your makeup artist will be using concealer under your eyes on the day of your wedding. To ensure this looks as natural and smooth as possible make sure you are hydrating the eye area. There are only a limited amount of eye creams that you can use directly under your eye. The skin under your eye area has a memory, so make sure that you place your product on your socket bone, and your eyes will do the rest! Decleor cornflower eye gel is amazing for hydrating the eye area. Its super light on the skin and really refreshing. Great if you're getting married in the summer and suffer from hay fever - pop it in the fridge and it is so cooling on the eye area.

Prepare your skin for your makeup artist

As a makeup artist, I know the change that exfoliation can have on the way your makeup applies to your skin. If you suffer from dry skin you want to make sure that prior to your makeup trial and your big day that you exfoliate your skin so you can get a true representation of what your makeup will look like. We tend to use long wearing, matte foundations to ensure that your makeup lasts throughout your day, and unfortunately if your skin is ultra dry, you need to exfoliate these bits away. To ensure that you have flawless skin on your big day this is the key. If you are already using a chemical exfoliator you can you continue to use this. However for immediate changes with the skin I love a mechanical exfoliator. Like I always say, make sure the product does the work - so no scrubbing and don't over do it!

Before the big day, make sure that you don't change your skincare. Our skim can react differently to different products that we may not have used before. Some people find that when we start a completely new routine your skin can breakout, and this is something that we want to avoid. Keep your skincare routine nice and simple, exfoliate and pop on a couple of masks on a few weeks leading to your wedding!

That's it from me - but I'm sure between now and my wedding I will be writing a lot more about wedding preparation. I am so excited to become a bride, and to marry my best friend. Thank you for everyone who has been so kind during this special time in our lives. As always your support means everything.

Stay safe,

Rebecca Louise xo


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