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Clearing Up Your Cleansing Routine

Hello & welcome back to Rebecca Louise Beauty. I hope that you're all keeping safe throughout lockdown, and whether you're home schooling, working or not yet back at work; that you are finding a minute to relax and have a bit of "me time". Today I'll be clearing up queries that you may have about the best ways and products to cleanse your skin. So grab a cuppa and lets begin...

Why Should I Cleanse?

- Cleansing is the most important part of your skincare routine. We get so caught up about getting the best serums and moisturisers. However if you are not invested in your cleansing then you are wasting your money!

- We live in a world that is full of pollution. This pollution and dirt penetrates into the pores causing breakouts and premature aging. We need to ensure that we are cleansing the skin every evening to remove this debris. Likewise, if you are a makeup wearer, by cleansing we are removing this before we go to bed.

- When we sleep our skin goes through a repairing and rejuvenating process. We purge toxins. So we need to make sure we clean these toxins off before we apply our fancy lotions and potions in the morning.

What Cleansers Are Out There?

There are hundreds of cleansers out there. Some cult classics include Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, Clinique Cleansing Balm or Cereve Hydrating Cleanser. No matter what, remember that cleansing is key for beautiful skin. When we look for the right cleanser for us, we need to make sure our cleanser is suitable for our skin type.

Dry Skins Love - Cleansing balms and oils. These types of cleansers are firstly amazing for makeup removal. If you are used to trying to fight away your waterproof mascara in the evening, try some of these textures to melt away your makeup. Personally my all time favoruite cleanser is Decleor Micellar Oil. This cleanser, as the name suggests is made up of beautiful oils to nourish my dry and dehydrated skin. When this is mixed with water it turns milky, and better yet - no toner is required after this cleanser. An easy 3 in 1!

A cleansing balm I really rate is the Spa Magik Organiks Cleansing Balm. This is a beautiful texture and great value for money! This full of nourishing ingredients to cleanse and leave the skin hydrated.

Combination & Oily Skins Love - Cleansing Wash. I love a face wash. I love the feeling of water on my skin - especially in the morning to wake me up. This is the perfect cleanser to keep in the shower to make your morning routine quick and easy! Its vital that you use a toner to rebalance your skins pH after using water on the skin - but a quick splash of toner after your wash takes 2 seconds! One that I am loving at the moment is BeautyLab Foaming Cleanser. The sweet orange smells beautiful but this product contains smoothing enzymes designed for a deep cleanse - leaving you feel squeaky clean.

If you find that your skin is extremely oily (important to make sure that your skin isn't actually dehydrated) - you could try a Cleansing Powder. These powders are finely milled for soft application. When mixed with water they give a deep cleanse. Decleor Cleansing Powder is made with oregano, which is fantastic for rebalancing the oil in the skin - leaving the skin mattified. Although my skin is far from oily - I enjoy this cleanser every once in a while to detoxify my skin.

Sensitive Skins Love - Milks & Creams. These types of cleansers give nourishment that a sensitive skin needs. For this type of skin you want to avoid too much water on your face, as this can disrupt the pH in the skin causing the skin to become temperamental. The milk that I love is Germaine De Capuccini Essential Cleansing Milk. This is full of an ingredient called Porcelain Flower which is great for hydrating and soothing irritation in the skin. With a sensitive and dry skins in particular make sure your cleanser is low in alcohol. This will strip the skin and cause irritation.

Need for Speed?

If you are constantly on the go, there are cleanser out there that are fab for a busy lifestyle. The first is Micellar Water. This type of cleanser traditionally is a makeup remover, cleanser and toner in one. Obviously all cleanser are different so check instructions before use. The Decleor Rose Damascena Micellar Water contains rose water that is great for a sensitive skin. This is applied to a dampened cotton pad and with a swipe the skin is nice and clean.

Another option you could choose is a daily exfoliator. These normally take the form of a face wash and perfect to keep in the shower. The idea of these cleanser is the gently exfoliate the skin everyday. This means - if you forget to exfoliate then this product is for you. Normally these will use fruit enzymes. So the product wont feel gritty to touch but works to nibble away at your dead skin over time.

Therapist Top Tip - Double Cleanse! This trick is using 2 types of cleansers to ensure that all of the grime has been removed form your skin everyday. You'll be really surprised how much dirt is left on the kind after one cleanse. The difference this 2nd cleanse makes is amazing. I like to use an oil cleanser for my first cleanse. This will easily break down makeup. Then secondly, go in with a facial wash to feel super clean before bed! Give it a go - it's life changing!

So have a look at your cleanser and ask if this is the right type of product to be using for your skin type. Experiment with different textures and products and see what you prefer. Remember that this is the most important part if your routine, so you need to LOVE the cleanser you choose to use everyday.

Until next time, stay safe.

Rebecca Louise xo


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