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My Top Skin Savior Serums

Are you baffled by all things serums and oils? When should you use them, why and which one? Grab yourself a glass of something nice and I will talk you through my guide to my favorite serums...

Serums are the ultimate skincare essential if you want to add active ingredients into your routine. If you ever feel that your current routine isn't working for your skin and you are not seeing the changes that you hoped for, this is the key to success. There is a reason for this. Your moistuiser (which we normally spend a pretty penny on) are amazing for keeping our skin hydrated and protected. However, the molecular structure that this type of product is made up on is too large to deal with lower layers of the skin. Our skin cells have a life cycle, so your moisturiser is dealing with the older cells.

BUT, if you add a serum into your routine, this is targeting those lower layers of the skin and changing the new cells before we see them. So by preparing those cells, we improve the skin that will come through! Sounds a bit complicated, but stay with me...

I absolutely love a good serum, and have tried such a variety - some amazing, some not so. It's important for you think about what you want to achieve with your skin and how it is at the moment.

As we know, I bang on about the importance of hydration. You might be finding that the cold weather and constantly be in the house has caused your skin to become dehydrated. For the skin's health this is a massive element to consider when getting yourself a serum. Or maybe you want to brighten or plump the skin? Here are my top 5 all time favorites...

Germaine De Capuccini Hydracure Serum

This serum is unbelievable. It was launched by Germaine de Capuccini a few years ago and was a huge addition to their range. This serum contains HYLARONIC ACID. The key ingredient for maintaining moistuiser in the skin as well as plumping the skin from the inside out. Not only this but it has 3 weights of this protein to target all layers of the skin, which many products do not have. This serum is ideal for an oily skin type too, with its lightweight, gel - like texture, it melts into the skin - for those of you who don't enjoy a heavy skincare product. If you love layering products - this is a great one to try!

Decleor's Antidote

Just like the previous serum, Antidote has hyaluronic acid and helps with rehydrating the skin. But this serum is for EVERYONE. This is working to improve the skin's barrier. This barrier gets destroyed through everyday tasks, and environmental aggressors. When this happens we start to loose moisturiser in the skin and we age faster. So this should defiantly be top of our lists! The omi-blur gives an airbrushed finish to the skin. Best of everything!

Decleor Green Mandarin Aromessance

If you like something with more of a luxurious experience, I would give any Decleor Aromessence a try. I tend to reach for brightening serums, especially when I'm preparing my skin for the spring. The Green Mandarin Aromessance is BEAUTIFUL. If you like an oil serum, this will not disappoint. You use 3 small drops and apply all over. Decleor are known for their serums. The molecular structure is so small that these sink into the skin so quickly . So for those of you not keen on an oil - give these a go, you wont be disappointed! Green manderine is personally my favorite. Because these serums are first grade essential oils, the green maderine gives a memory of a hot summer, fresh, fruity and amazing! Best of all, great for brightening the skin!

Beauty Lab Vitamin C Serum Concentrate

This texture is beautiful. I haven't long been using this serum but the first thing I noticed is how light this was on my skin. Its really important when using Vitamin C that it is stabilized and encapsulated. This allows the vitamin C to last and remain active. Vitamin C as we know is the go-to ingredient for that glowing skin. BUT, the antioxidant benefits you get from vitamin C along with the addition L-ascorbic is another reason to reach for this serum. Antioxidants protect the skin from the environment and the aging process in the skin. If you are looking for a more budget friendly serum, with the benefits of stabilized active ingredients - this is the one for you.

Germaine De Capuccini Time Expert SRNS Repair Night Progress Serum

I have well an truly saved the best for last. Anyone who knows me, especially within the industry will know my obsession with this serum. It has ALWAYS been my favorite - and then Germaine de Capuccini went and improved the formula further! As if it could get any better - but they did it!

This serum is a universal serum - great for everyone (unless your skin is sensitive or acne prone). This serum is highly active - in fact this contains 22 active ingredients. One of them being our beloved hyaluronic acid (obviously) but others include a High - Purity Collagen Activator, which cleverly activates synthesis of collagen in the skin. The star of the show here is an ingredient called Glyco 8. This powerful ingredient allows the serum to penetrate deeper into the skin; amplifying all of the results from this product. This serum works to brighten the skin, plump lines and wrinkles, firm and densifies and hydrate! If you are going through times of stress, struggling to sleep or just looking tired and need a boost, then you need this in your life!

Keep your eyes peeled for more in-depth information about all things retinol & anti aging coming soon!

Start to introduce a serum into your skincare routine - you will not be disappointed!

Have a lovely rest of the week!

Rebecca Louise xo


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