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Pesky Pollution

If you're new to my blog, welcome! If you're returning - thank you so much, I cannot tell you how much it means that you've been reading my skincare ramblings throughout lockdown. Again, if you're coming back for more, you know how much I talk about dehydration. So today we will be talking about a skincare issue that really impacts the hydration levels and the way that the skin ages. POLLUTION.

So pour yourself a nice cup of tea - or something stronger depending what time you're reading this and find out more about that pesky pollution!

Pollution is everywhere. We know that, if we pop into London and come back we can see the difference that high levels of pollution does to our skin. But actually this is happening all the time. It causes dullness, dehydration, sensitivity and premature aging. So its really something that you should take into consideration when finding the right routine for you!

There are three main types of pollution that are really taking hold of our skin.

- Domestic Pollution

- UV & HEV

- Air Pollution

So lets break it down and find out how we can protect from these everyday aggressors.

Domestic Pollution

So this is probably something that we will be experiencing so much more than we ever have before. Staying at home with not a lot to do, we reach for the cleaning products. These can cause damage to the surface of the skin and cause irritation. This by no way means we have to put the cleaning bottles away, but we do need to make sure that although we are staying in, we need to continue with our skincare routine to keep protecting the skin.

Another aspect of this type of pollution is central heating. I don't know about you, but I am going crazy with the heating. It's so cold, and I think my heating bill will be sky high after Lockdown 3.0. But again, by protecting the skin's barrier this will help with moisture loss and premature aging.

UV & HEV Pollution

This has been probably the biggest form of pollution that my skin has been exposed to in the last year. I spend so much time in front of my phone, laptop and TV - all at the same time. UV and HEV is basically blue light that comes from electronic devices. This is again cause dehydration to the skin, leading to premature aging.

Air Pollution

This is the type of pollution that we know most about. This is in the air, no matter where we go. This pollution penetrates rapidly in the skin. Pollution particles are tiny in comparison to one if our pores, so its super easy for our skin to be damaged by this type of pollution.

So what can I do?


First step, protect your skin with an SPF. Get yourself an SPF that is at least SPF30 or above. This is going to protect the skin against the sun. Make sure you apply your SPF over the top of your moisturiser. The best results are when we do not rely on an SPF within a your day cream. We need to be able to apply the correct amount to get the best protection. My favorite SPF50, is Germaine de Capuccini Urban Shield. This protects against UVB - the burning from the sun. But also UVA. These are the rays that promote aging in the skin. So ideally, look for both UVA & UVB protection.

Keeping It Clean

Keep on top of your cleansing. This is SO important. When we are out and about (or staying in) all day, our skin is open to all of these types of pollution. We need to make sure that we are cleansing these particles away from our pores. If we don't, we can suffer from congestion, spots and dehydration. We also need to make sure that our skin is cleared and ready for the repairing process that will happen whilst we sleep.

Protect The Skin Barrier

As pollution particles enter the skin, they start to break down the skin's barrier. When this happens the skin starts to loose moisture. This causes dehydration, lines and again premature aging. In the last year Decleor launched Antidote. This serum is amazing for ALL skin types and skin ages. It strengthens the skin's barrier layer. It also contains our beloved hyaluronic acid - so again topping up our hydration. However by building the skin's barrier layer, this is reducing the amount of moisture loss from the skin.

So whilst you're keeping on top of your skin routine, make sure you think about adding in a good SPF! Have an amazing weekend.

Stay Safe,

Rebecca Louise xo


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