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Get Your Glow On

The greatest accessory with a cute summer dress is radiant skin. The glow has never been more sought after. But our daily lives and lack of self care is a constant battle in achieving this. Like everyone, I look for quick and easy maintenance for my skin. But I find myself craving the luminosity - especially now that summer seems to be well and truly here.

Pollution in the air is a huge issue in the inability to get the gleam we all desire. So antioxidants should be our best friend in skincare. Maybe you're finding that within the currently situation we find ourselves in you're not sleeping as well as before, or the stress of home schooling is taking its toll. All of these factors play a massive part in the lack of gleam in the skin. We all hope that our skin will be healthy and we can ditch the heavy makeup and be proud to go out with a natural face. So, lets talk about getting our skin “summer ready” with these easy add ons to your current routine...


Exfoliation is my favorite part of my skincare routine. The removal of dull, dead skin cells immediately makes me feel more radiant. This is something that can be added once or twice a week depending on your skin type. Not only is it allowing the new layer of skin to appear - but it enhances the way that your products preform. So maybe if you're not happy with the results of your current routine - add exfoliation and see the difference that makes. Otherwise, your lovely creams are only targeting the dead layer of skin!

The key with exfoliation not over doing it. If you currently don't exfoliate - order one on your next food shop delivery and give it a go. It makes the world of difference.

The skincare market is constantly growing, and the number of different exfoliation options are multiplying by the day. So here's some to look out for…

Mechanical exfoliation - this is the grainy consistency you may be used to - I personally love this form of exfoliation, but, make sure you let the product do the work. We don't want any damage to your skin. These can be made of seeds, sand, grains - or even coffee if you fancy making your own!

AHA & BHA Exfoliation - These are the most satisfying exfoliates if you like to see what comes off your face. This may not be everyone's cup of tea - but I love seeing all of the grime and cells coming off - at least I know that my products working! Its super important to be using an SPF always but especially if you're giving one of these a try!

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is taking over the skincare market. Mainly because its THE HOLY GRAIL of skincare. But also because of it's amazing anti-oxidant powers. Fighting against free radicals that dull our skin and promote premature aging. It also hydrates and helps with pigmentation. So my advise? Get yourself a vitamin C serum. Serums help to target the lower layers of you skin - so its improving the skin that will come through in the future. So for long term bright skin - serums are the way forward.

My favorite vitamin C serum is Germaine Du Cappucini Timexpert C+ (A.G.E) C+ Essence

These are amazing to prep the skin for any event! Its a 40 day treatment to give that skin radiance we have been looking for. Not only does this product contain vitamin C but also coupled with vitamin B for a supercharged bright finish. They stimulate the collagen as an added bonus to keep us looking young. A party go to.

Talking of parties (dreaming of the day this can happen again) get yourselves a sheet mask and treat your skin to some TLC. To be honest, I have a little stash for special occasions, but I have found myself dipping into this stash during lock down - just to make me feel better. You can get some amazing masks out there, so treat yourself to a mini pamper evening.

Remember, exfoliate your skin first then pop that mask on to work its magic. It'll make you feel so summer ready!

Look out for my next blog focusing on simple steps for great skin.

Stay safe & well.

Rebecca Louise xo

*This is not an ad, and all products are what I use and love.


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