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Lockdown Skin

Updated: May 21, 2020

Welcome to my first blog, please be nice. This is something I've been thinking of doing for a while. We are currently in lock down, and my skin & head are going crazy - so why not start now? I am planning on using this space as a way of exhibiting my thoughts on beauty, skincare & makeup. What I like to use, what life factors effect our skin & ways we can keep on top of our skincare.

So lets talk about Lock down Skin

During the last couple of months you may have found your skin changing and those hormonal or stress spots appearing. Or maybe you have taken this time to focus on your skin routine and your skin has never looked better.

If you are the second - I salute you!

I am very honest about my skin and my routine. This lock down has not been a good time for my skin. I have found my routine extremely hard to stick to as my daily routine has disappeared. Coming home from work and doing my skincare before dinner has always been my routine - without that its gone downhill. Our whole routine has completely changed, nearly, overnight. So if you haven't been layering up your serums or trying our the latest masks - be kind to yourself. Start simple. The less products you start with, the easier you'll get back into the swing of things.

How has your skin changed?

So things that you may have experienced with your skin during lock down.

  • Dehydration

  • Spots

  • Dullness

  • Dryness

All of these factors interlink due to dehydration.


This is a skincare concern that many people face. It may not be something that is fully understood. It doesn't always cause dry and flaky looking skin. A large percentage of the population have thirsty skin. That could be due to too much wine last night, not enough water at work, or too much sun during this lock down period. This is such a simple concern to deal with and actually something that makes us look a lot older than we actually are.

So lets look at the signs to watch out for…

The easiest way to find out if your skin is dehydrated - does it feel tight or thirsty? If yes, the chances are your skin is crying out for hydration. Another - does your skin go through days where its greasy but your skin is prone to being “oily”? Your skin sounds dehydrated.

The power of hydrating your skin is undeniable. It is the key to glowing skin and slowing the signs of aging.

The key ingredient to look for within your skincare products is Hyaluronic acid.

A trending ingredient within skincare. By retaining water within the skin it allows the skin to stay hydrated & plump. This sought after ingredient can be found in moisturisers, masks and serums in particularly. Particularly great if, like me, your skin shows signs of oiliness due to the lack of hydration - get yourself water based serum to keep the skin feeling fresh.

What I Love

Decleor's Neroli Bigarade Cleansing Mousse

My all time favorite cleanser is Decleor's Neroli Bigarade Cleansing Mousse. Its amazing for a squeaky clean face with the bonus of hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrate the skin. Keep it in the shower for an easy cleanser.

Germaine De Capuccini Hyaluronic Force Serum

The most amazing serum for dehydration. I am not a fan of a lot of product on my face, especially when we are having amazing weather. So this light formula skins in almost immediately - and works with three weights of hyaluronic acid to ensure maximum hydration.

So this week, why not try to get yourself a simple routine, and get yourself back into the habit. Remember, keep it simple and achievable. Spend 5 minutes twice a day away from housework or home schooling, just for yourself and see what happens!

Becky xo

*This is not an ad, and all products are what I use and love.


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