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My Beauty Obsession

I want to let you know about one of my biggest beauty obsessions. I have been using Mii Cosmetics for many years now, and it quickly became my favorite makeup brand. Every time there's a new release, I feel like its Christmas eve. This British brand started as a mineral makeup collection - using the power of minerals to enhance natural beauty. Since then the brand as evolved, bringing out new formulas and epic eye shadows - but still maintaining the ethos of the brand throughout.

I wanted to write this blog for a long time as a lot of people have never come across this professional brand; as they only retail in spas and salons - so if you want to know my must haves from Mii, pour yourself a glass of something nice and keep reading...

Irresistible Face Base

It would only seem right to start with the iconic Irresistible Face Base. This is a completely natural product that can be used as foundation, powder or even as a concealer. This mineral powder is like none other you may have tried. I have always been extremely cautious about the kind of powder I have in my makeup bag.I want to avoid a cakey and over mattified finish. This is beyond any other powder out there. Once applied it warms to the skin and almost melts to give an amazing healthy finish. I love a fuller coverage and this is perfect if my skin isn't playing ball. Amazing for sensitive skins, rosacea and breakout! This can be applied onto a spot, and the minerals will help to heal that up!


Absolute Face Base

This is a full coverage dream! Think, a foundation for all day wear that covers everything but feels super light! This hasn't always been the foundation that I have reached for - however, this is something I will be using once lock down is over and normal life resumes. Its so work trying, especially if you've got a special occasion and need your makeup staying put!


Celestial Skin Shimmer

Okay, this is a game changer. I am absolutely obsessed with blusher. And equally a product that has multi uses. So this cheek colour hits the spot. It comes in 3 different colour ways (obviously I have all of them) - bronze, pink and coral. Its a combination of different tones with the added bonus of highlight shades to give the most beautiful radiant complexion. These shades can double as eye shadows, so if you're heading on weekend away -this is amazing.

I am loving the Rose Quartz colorway at the moment. Staying in the house all day I've become a bit dull and washed out, so that pink gives me a nice warmth to my skin. But come the height of summer, the coral colorway is unbelievable.

Moisterising Lip Lover

Mii lipsticks are amazing. Whether its glossy or matte you're looking for, the colour pay off is great and they feel amazing. My current favorite is moisturising lip lover in the shade 'dream'. This is a deep brown shade - amazing for recreating the 90's glam that Kim K loves. Its really hydrating so amazing if you are like me and have incredibly dry lips.


ColourPlay Palette

So, when this eye shadow palette was released as part of the 2019 Christmas collection, this really was a game changer for me. I am obsessed with versatile eye shadow palettes. This was launched in both copper and berry options. The pigmentation of these palettes are INSANE. My favorite has to be the copper. I love warm toned and burnt oranges colours of the Spicy Chic palette. So this 8 pan palette is definitely one I've been reaching for. It contains 4 matte shades and then 4 almost foiled shades that are ideal to place over. All of these colours can be used together, or you can choice a couple to create a simple but cute day look. This palette just screams Sunset Eyes. I believe that this palette has been slightly altered for a relaunched. It is now called Sizzling Seduction

If you have never come across Mii Cosmetics, what a look at their website. Their range is forever growing and the products maintain a natural finish to the skin. I love the brand, I love the ethos. So let me know what you think!

Stay safe,

Rebecca Louise xo


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