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New Skin Post Lockdown 2.0

Well, here we go again. We are back in lockdown - so that means, back to bring you skincare tips, tricks & preparing our skin to be the best it can be for when we are back to our new normal. This time, lockdown with hopefully be easier for a lot of us. Remember, we've done it once, and we can do it again! So grab yourself a glass of something nice &

This lockdown I am going to be bringing you blogs all about preparing our skin for Christmas. Christmas is my favorite time of the year, and this year more than ever, I think we need something to focus on and be excited about. I find it easier to treat my skin for particular seasons or events - so I know that I'm using the right ingredients for what I would like to achieve. As we all know I am obsessed with exfoliation of any kind - so today lets talk different exfos!

Why exfoliate?

First things first, if you wake up and think you look tired, your skin is dull or you look like you've aged overnight - exfoliate, it makes your skin look better straight away! We want to make sure we are getting rid of those old dead skin cells to reveal our new, beautiful skin. Our skin turn over is around 28 days, this reduces as we get older. So we need to exfoliate to make sure our skin looks it's best.

Another vital reason. Do you spend your hard earned cash on lovely serums & creams? If you do, make sure you exfoliate because they wont be reaching their full potential if they are only being able to treat older cells.

But where do we start? If you're like me and love skincare you'll know that there are so many different exfoliators out there so deciding the best for you may be hard. In my previous blog post I spoke about mechanical and daily exfoliators. But lets talk a bit more deeply about something that everyone is talking about - acid exfoliators.

What are they?

Acid exfoliators sounds terrifying - but they really aren't. They are the type of exfoliator that are easy to fit into your daily routine. The most common of these acids are AHA & BHA's. They are both great forms of exfoliation for the skin. They both brighten, remove dead cells and even the skin tone. But can be great for various other skin types. The difference between these and traditional exfoliators are these apply onto the skin without any grit. In some cases you may be using a mechanical exfoliator and applying too much pressure to your skin. This could cause damage to your top layer of skin and increase reddening. If you've read any of my previous posts, you'll know there's nothing I love more than a good exfoliator. However its good for your skin to try different types of skincare and for me, I've loved delving more into AHAs and BHAs and seeing a dramatic difference to my skin. Its important to mention at this point, if you ski is sensitive or extra dry, you'll want to air on the side of caution with these exfos, and maybe look for a gentle alternative!

Alpha Hydroxy Acids

A popular AHA that you may have come across is Glycolic Acid. This type of acid is amazing for a number of skincare concerns - dehydrated skin, fine lines and aging. As well as hyper pigmentation, large pores and uneven skin tones. This particular acid is derived from sugar cane or plants. So its amazing for increasing the skins ability to stimulate collagen, as well as increase hydration. And remember, when we are actively exfoliating, our other products are preforming more effectively, so we our hydration will improve. With this type of exfoliator make sure to be careful with dry and sensitive skins and ALWAYS wear an SPF to protect your skin.

Beta Hydroxy Acid

This acid may come in the form of salicylic acid. If you suffer from acne or oily skin types you may have come across this one before. This is amazing for breakouts as well as reddening of the skin. If you do suffer from acne prone skin this could be an option to explore instead of your normal gritty exfo, which can cause further reddening, damage to the top layer of your skin or increase the stimulation of more oily in the skin.

BHAs are oil soluble, so amazing for more of an oily skin. Great for congestion too!

Again with a BHA make sure your are apply your SPF daily to ensure your skin is nicely protected.

Where can I find them?

AHAs, BHAs & PHAs can come in loads of your normal skincare products. You may already have one without knowing. Toners are the first place that I saw them. Especially salicylic acid for oily and combination skins. Toners ideally you should be apply after your cleanser morning and night., Its the part that lots of people miss out. But if your skin is prone to breakouts or the oiliness is increasing - try a toner with a BHA and see how you get on!

Likewise you may find your AHA or BHA in a serum, peel or even cleanser. Wherever you find it, make sure you follow the instructions - introduce these slowly to your skin. It's important that you make sure you are thinking about your hydration whilst using any of these exfoliators because some can be quite drying. And if you are interested in other acids in your skincare, do your research before mixing these together. And golden rule - ALWAYS pop your SPF on!

Thanks for sitting down with me, and I hope you've enjoyed my first post of Lockdown 2.0.

Like the sound of this? Keep an eye out for future posts about an exciting treatment going on offer by Rebecca Louise Beauty!

Rebecca Louise xo


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