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Pamper Day Bliss

There are not many things that can beat a pamper day. Whilst our spas and salons are shut, we can't exactly set up a sauna in the house - but we can get some nice products to get ourselves feeling our best. So pour a glass of wine, have a read & get planning your perfect pamper session.

During lockdown the days are merging into one and I feel like I have lost that part of my week that I really look forward to, my pamper evening. I am going to do this full pamper routine in preparation seeing our friends (at social distance of course!) So whilst writing this I am planning my perfect pamper session to share with you guys to try at home. Stick on a peaceful playlist and relax...

Facial Treatment

Okay, this is the part where you get to really pamper yourself. Keep you skin feeling good until your favorite spa or salon re opens! So grab you facial products and lets get to it.

Double Cleanse

I cannot tell you the difference a double cleanse will make to your skin. The first, we want to get all of our makeup off and dirt from the day. The second - a deeper cleanse. Choose a cleanser that gives a deep cleanse and leaves the skin feeling hydrated. Check out my previous posts to find out my favorite cleansing options.


So if you have read my earlier blog about skin glow, you will know how much I love exfoliating! This will make the biggest change to your skin straight away. Want smooth and radiant skin? Don't skip this bit! I have so many exfoliators that I love, but I mixed them up depending on how I'm feeling. Germaine de Capuccini Exfoliating Scrub is a great all rounder. Its a menthol scrub, so really refreshing - and it actually does the job! Make sure you take it gently and let the product do the work - manual exfoliation can cause damage to the skin, so ensure you take it easy.


Once a week I'll pop on a charcoal mask around my nose area - being careful not to do this step if my skin is feeling dehydrated. Nether the less, they are amazing for clogged pores or excess oil production. My Sea Magik Black Clay SOS Mask is my favorite at the moment. Its affordable and my skin always looks fresh after using it. Avoid nose strips if you can because our skin is so delicate - so try this as an alternative.

But let me tell you about the best mask EVER. Germaine de Capuccini SRNS Repair Night Progress Mask is the new addition to the GDC family. It is amazing. If you have a special occasion, or just want to treat yourself I would highly recommend having a stash of these in your draw. This mask contains 22 active ingredients and works to brighten the skin and plump lines and wrinkles. Plus with the added bonus of hylaronic acid, vitamin C and Glyco 8 Power. These masks contain the eagerly awaited SRNS serum, that fully absorbs into your skin to keep those lines away for the next few days. I have tried a lot of sheet masks in my time, but this mask is the best for immediate results. So pop this on and leave it on for 30 minutes - you will not be disappointed.

Serum & Mousturise

My favorite serum to use in my facial routine is Germaine de Capuccini Multi Regenerated Rosehip Oil. This serum is a must for everyone. Whether your skin is dehydrated, sensitive, hormonal or you want to combat the signs of aging. Literally take a couple of drops and warm it in your palms and massage all over. This is comfort in a bottle. If you haven't got this handy, pop on your favorite serum and follow it with your moisturiser.


Soak It Up

I love my bath. During lockdown we have had an issue with our bath and I have missed it so much, and Aromatherapy Associates is my go to for bath oils. They have a wardrobe of different essential oil blends depending on how you're feeling. Aromatherapy is amazing to try and incorporate into your routine at some point - whether its in your skincare or in your body products. They have an amazing impact on soothing the body and mind. If you're finding it hard to wind down, or need revitalizing they are amazing! De-stress Mind is my personal favorite evening oil. Its not your typical lavender essential oils. This has a combination of chamomile, Frankincense and petitgrain.

Essential oils work in the body extremely quickly, heading through the bloodstream - so I apply this all over my torso and jump in the bath and relax!

If you're doing this like me, to prep to see friends - I wont be going for such a relaxing essential oil blend or I'll fall asleep by 7! So I'll be opting for the Aromatherapy Associates Revive Evening. This is like pre drinks in a bottle!

A more affordable option that you can get your hands on at the supermarket is bags of bath salts. They have great benefits for the body and different aliments depending on the variety you choose. If its relaxation you're focused on have a look at the Sea Magik Turmeric Salts. Be careful because this does leave a yellow tinge on the bath, so use with caution. But these salts are by far my fave! These are amazing for dry skin and those of you suffering with psoriasis or eczema. The bitter orange and safflower fragrance is beautiful and really helps you have a peaceful sleep!


Body Exfoliation

If you wear fake tan you'll know that this is a critical part of your weekly routine. There are a lot of different body exfoliators out there. At the moment I am reaching for Dead Sea Spa Magik Salt scrub. This is a tub full of coconut oil and salt goodness. The citrus smell is beautiful and it's packed full of Vitamin E. Its best applied onto dry skin and buff in circular motions and wash away. Be careful of the oil as you get into the bath!


Tame The Maine

Last but not least - hair treatments. I have run out of both of these products but these are amazing. I am by no means an expert at hair care, at all! But I love the feeling of my hair after using these products. The first is Sea Magik Pink Salt Shampoo. This is an exfoliator for your hair. AMAZING! The pink Himalayan salts exfoliates the scalp, and is an amazing treatment if you use a lot of hair products. This is something that should only be Used a couple of times a week (think facial exfoliator). I then follow this with the Finder Hair & Scalp Mud. Its amazing for dry and damaged hair. Pop this on whist in the bath and leave it to work its magic!


Other Bits & Bobs

A couple of other things that you could pop into your spa day could be a manicure, foot treatment or eye patches! I love to finish a pamper evening off with a Sleep time herbal tea - but on this occasion, I'll finish with a gin!

Let me know how much you enjoyed your pamper evening and what products you tried!

Stay safe,

Rebecca Louise xo

*This is not an ad, and all products are what I use and love.


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