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Simplify Your Skincare

Lets be honest and talk about our skincare routine. For me personally my skincare routine has fallen slightly to the way side - I have no idea what day it is or if I've eaten lunch - let alone if I've remembered to apply my serum this morning. Or maybe you're new to the skincare scene and need to know the bare minimum of products needed for healthy skin. During lockdown you may have a little more time to spend on yourself, and find the whole skincare industry a mind field of products and brands, and it can be so confusing.

Simplicity is Key

My biggest piece of advice is keep it simple. I love skincare, but once you get out of a routine it can be hard to get it back. The more products you add in the harder it will be to keep it up once lockdown is over. So start small and build you skincare obsession from there! So I have broken it down into the top 3 (ish) that are a little different from your cleanse, tone, moisturise (plus a couple of bits I cant do without). When I am stuck in a rut, but breaking my routine down into 3 easy steps, with products that are going to give the best results and it's a lot more manageable.


So this is the most important part of your routine. Its something that you probably do without really realising. We need to clean our skin. So this is firstly where I adapt my routine to make it more efficient (and I can add another product into my routine without loosing time). So get yourself a cleanser with a toner element built in - I know crazy. Most people don't use a toner so if you can find a cleanser with this added bonus then you're good to go. Find a cleanser that is easy to fit into your day, for instance, a cleanser that you can just use in the shower in the morning.

Basically, we need to get the dirt out of the pores and re balance the pH of the skin. So cleanse is a must. There so hundreds of cleansers out there from oils, balm, milks and creams. For me when the weathers hot, I need a face wash. But not a drying wash - so I choose the Neroli Bigarade Mousse from Decleor that was mentioned in my earlier post. Its packed full of hylaronic acid and neroli essential oil for the deepest hydration. But it leaves me feeling refreshed and clean. Typically if your skin is oily, avoid anything too heavy like a cream. And likewise, if your skin is dry make sure you have some element of hydration in there. But remember our skin isn't always the same the whole year round, so mix it up & experiment with different cleansers.


Okay, so my next step is SERUMS. The game changer of your routine. That is why its always in my top 3 products. Your serums work on the lower layers of the skin, so they prepare the skin from within. So the cells that eventually reach our top layer are the best types of cells we can have. Its always great to prepare your cells - and this is what your serums do. Their structure is small, so they get down deep. Serums can come in a number of different forms, such as gels, oils and lotions. So this is really a personal preference. Remember - from our last post. If your skin is feeling dehydrated, get yourself some Hylaronic Acid Serum or tackle it with essential oils.


This is the layer of protection that your skin needs daily, but keeps us hydrated and can either give a glow or mattify your skin - dependent on what you're looking for. If your skin is oily or acne prone you may feel like the last thing you want to do is put a moisturiser on. But trust me, all of our skins need that protection, so don't ever skip this part! - the last thing that you want is your skin becoming dehydrated - you'll get oilier!

So for me personally something light is all I need this time of year. I am currently using Neroli Bigarade Light cream from Decleor - this sinks straight into my skin, and my makeup sits perfectly on top.


I fall asleep on the sofa most nights. If you are like me - do your bedtime routine when you get in. At the moment, we aren't really going anywhere so this could be difficult. However when our lives go back to normal, this is the best tip I can recommend if you can't keep your eyes open before you get into bed. Secondly - yep, you've guessed it - keep it simple. My "go to" is my Decleor night balm. This is a 2 in 1 product - serum and night cream in one with the most amazing texture to keep my skin nourished whilst I sleep. If you have never tried this I would highly recommend one of these. Choose one based on your skin type and enjoy the melting texture! When we are asleep our skin works in overtime to fix the damage that occurs during the day. The regeneration process is an amazing time to work on the cells - so if its anti-aging you're looking for, a night product is a must. Our skin is so active at this point, so feed it whilst you sleep.

When thinking about what products you are going to add into your routine, make sure you think about what your skin type is. Stay tuned for a future blog focusing on go to ingredients for different skin types!

Like I said at the beginning of this blog - I have found it extremely hard to keep on top of my routine during lockdown. So get yourselves a simple routine and we can do it together! I cant wait to hear how you get on.

Stay safe,

Rebecca Louise xo

*This is not an ad, and all products are what I use and love.


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