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Sweet Treats For Your Skin

If you're new to my blog, welcome! If you're returning - thank you so much, I cannot tell you how much it means that you've been reading my skincare ramblings throughout lockdown. Today we are going to be preparing your skin ready to hopefully get back to work feeling fresh and ready! We are going to be talking all things exfoliation and masks - those sweet treats for your skin!

So pour yourself a nice cup of tea - or something stronger depending what time you're reading this and lets get started!

So if you have read any of my previous skincare posts you will know how obsessed I am about exfoliation. Whether your skin is congested, dull or dry - exfoliation if your best friend. But we need to make sure we don't over do it, or it can lead to other skincare concerns. So it's important to choose the right exfoliation for your skin type as well as what realistically you have to use in your weekly routine. Lets be real. When we are in our full blown working week, the kids are back at school and the house needs cleaning - we need to have products that we religiously use. I am potentially the worst with keeping up my routine - so by having products that are easy to use is my best advise. Keep it simple! Likewise - if you spend time pampering yourself, get yourself a good product that is a pleasure to use. You decide.

The easy ones

Okay, so we all know how much I love Decleor & Germaine de Capuccini. They are both completely different. Decleor being essential oil based & GDC using active ingredients and vitamins. But they both have a super easy exfoliation option. Both can be used daily as your face wash (cleanser and exfo in 1!) and they are both super refreshing.

So if you are the type of person that actually cant imagine finding the time in your week to use an exfo then these are perfect. My favorites - GDC 365 Scrub uses wax balls that have been buffed and rounded to allow a gentle exfoliation everyday. The Decleor 3in1 Cleansing moouse uses fruit enzymes that nibble away at your dead - again suitable to be used once a day. If your skin is sensitive, look to use an one like this a few types a week and that will do the job without irritating the skin.

Gritty Goodness

So my favorite type of exfoliation is a gritty constancy. I like to feel the product getting rid of those dead cells. I want to feel like I've got smooth skin and bright skin straight away, If dull looking skin is an issue for you, make sure you check out my previous post, all about getting that skin glow!

So, if you're like me and want a good old fashioned scrub, make sure you take it easy on your skin. These types of products are designed do the job for you - so don't go crazy with the scrubbing! Nice circular motions, avoiding the eyes! Focus on areas where you think your skin might get congested, typically the nose, chin and forehead.

Enzyme Scrubs

So these typically wont feel like the scrub you're used to. However, they certainly do the job! They work with things like fruit enzymes to nibble away at your dead skin. Follow the instructions because these really vary depending on the product. As these give a deep exfo, make sure you follow up with an SPF to protect your skin!

Mad About Masks

Mask are an amazing way of treating your skincare concerns. But be warned - don't over do them. They are a deeper treatment for the skin so twice a week max, depending on your skin type.

The masks we know and love are mud type masks. These are amazing for unclogging the pores, refining the skin texture and evening out the oil in the skin. These masks are great for more of an oily or combination skin type. If your skin is incredibly dry or dehydrated, stay clear. The more you strip your skin of oils the more the skin will become dry. So for you lovely people out there with a dry skin, try something that contains hyaluronic acid or essential oils to keep you glowing a comfy! Lots of these options can be applied before bed and slept in - so a quick and easy option for those of you with limited time on your hands.

For special treats, get yourself some sheet asks. These are my GO TO when I want a real pamper. The world is your oyster for these bad boys. So many to choose from and so many brands do them. I personally love a vitamin C sheet mask to brighten. Or my trusted hyaluronic acid!

So whilst facials still aren't able to go forward in England - pick yourself up a good mask and exfo and treat your skin yo some goodness!

Stay safe,

Rebecca Louise xo


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